I'm thrilled you're here. My name is Molly O'Toole, and this is May, our adorable studio pottery pup! May is a sweetheart who loves being petted and will likely be in the studio when you visit. If you prefer a pup-free space, just let me know 24 hours in advance.

I specialize in ceramics as my primary medium, crafting and selling my own ceramic artwork while also sharing my passion through teaching and organizing events at my personal and community pottery studio. Additionally, I'm a skilled photographer, capturing lifestyle moments, event highlights, and the intricate details of my pottery creations (photography website below).

My love for pottery began in the third grade, inspired by my sister, who was passionate about ceramics. As the youngest of six girls, I was lucky to learn from my siblings' experiences. At the beginning of 2024, pottery evolved into my full-time profession. I now run my own studio in Northeast Minneapolis, where I sell my artwork and provide a community space offering various classes, events, and outreach programs.

Merging Social Work and Pottery

In 2018, I earned a degree in social work and continue to hold my license in the state of Minnesota. I’m inspired by opportunities to combine my love for ceramics with community outreach. I'm passionate about bringing the therapeutic benefits of art to nursing homes, memory care units, schools, rehab centers, group homes, and more. Creating with clay offers numerous physical, social, and psychological benefits. I’d love to discuss how pottery can positively impact you and your community’s well-being.